Helpful Web Resources

Internet Resources

These are some excellent, reliable websites to visit (in no particular order) for lesson plans and general art information. Tip: To search the Internet for an idea about a hands-on project, include the words “lesson plan” in your search criteria (for example, search “Monet lesson plan”).

  • National Endowment for the Humanities Picturing America grant resources:
  • Biographies of artists since 1900, art movements since 1860 (noting important artists), links:
  • Artcyclopedia allows you to search art by artist, medium, subject, etc.:
  • Art Source provides links to art and architecture sites, museums, libraries and programs:
  •  Museum of Fine Arts Boston allows you to create a custom gallery (registration required):
  •  Museum of Modern Art has lessons, images and guides (registration required):
  •  Dick Blick (art material supplier) art history lesson plans:
  • The Teacher’s Guide has many craft lessons, several relate to artists and art appreciation:
  •  Artists’ signatures (show examples, then have students create their own stylized signature):
  •  Crayola: Search visual arts lesson plans by grade with the “Artists’ lives and works” theme:
  •  The Art Browser has multiple works by an artist, including some slide shows of an artists’ work:
  •  Nasco Artworks (educational material supplier) lesson plans in pdf format:
  •  Lesson plans by grade, arranged by artists and other topics in art history:
  •  Lesson plans for artist Essex Garner (with photo examples)
  •  Arts Connected: Tools for Teaching the Arts (including an extensive image gallery):
  •  Information about artists, movements and civilizations with some projects (well-organized, archived blog with projects geared for children):
  • Keith Haring lesson plans (see the Easy Guide for Research for how to browse all lesson plans; the Recent Lessons section offers only a sampling