Available Print Images

The following prints are available for classroom use.  All prints are filed alphabetically by the first 4 letters of the artist’s name.  Prints may not be removed from the school.

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Catalog # Artist Title
Stabile model in the style of Alexander Calder
Color Wheel Study, “Warm/Cold”
ADAM1 Adams, Ansel Sand Dunes, Sunrise
ADV1 Fine White Line (agency) The Tate Gallery by Tube
ARCI1 Arcimboldo, Giuseppe Autumn
AUD1 Audubon, John James The Great Egret
AUD2 Audubon, John James Carolina Parakeets
AUD3 Audubon, John James Songbirds of America
AUD4 Audubon, John James Gyrfalcon
AUD5 Audubon, John James American Goldfinch
PA-06A Audubon, John James American Flamingo
BAC1 Bacon, Francis Jet of Water
BALD1 Baldessari, John Letter
BATE1 Bates, David The Conservatory
BEA1 Bearden, Romare Blue Interior, Morning 1968
BEA2 Bearden, Romare Carolina Blue
BEA3 Bearden, Romare Summertime
PA-17B Bearden, Romare The Dove
BEL1 Bellows, George Dempsey & Firpo
BEL2 Bellows, George Anne with a Japanese Parasol
BEL3 Bellows, George Both Members of this Club
BEL4 Bellows, George Blue Morning
BENS1 Benson, Frank W. Sunlight
PA-18A Benton, Thomas Hart The Sources of Country Music
BIER1 Bierstadt, Albert Valley of the Yosemite
PA-08A Bierstadt, Albert Looking Down Yosemite Valley, California
BING1 Bingham, George Caleb The Jolly Flatboatmen
PA-07B Bingham, George Caleb The County Election
PA-08B Black Hawk “Sans Arc Lakota” Ledger Book
BOIL2 Boileau, Lowell River Bend
BOSC1 Bosch, Hieronymous Death and the Miser
BOTT1 Botticelli, Sandro The Adoration of the Magi
BOTT2 Botticelli, Sandro Birth of Venus
BRAQ1 Braque, George Still Life: Le Jour
BRAQ2 Braque, George Musical Forms
BROD1 Brody, Sheldon Red Door
BRUE1 Brueghel, Pieter Winter Landscaoe w/ Birdtrap
BRUE2 Brueghel, Pieter Haymaking
BRUE3 Brueghel, Pieter The Harvesters
BRUE4 Brueghel, Pieter Wedding Dance
BURC1 Burchfield, Charles Childhood’s Garden
BUSH1 Bush, Jack June Garden (1974)
CALD1 Calder, Alexander Cow
CALD2 Calder, Alexander Lobster Trap and Fish Tail
CALD3 Calder, Alexander Various works
CALD4a Calder, Alexander Unidentified (in portfolio)
CALD4b Calder, Alexander Beastie (in portfolio)
CALD4c Calder, Alexander Convection (in portfolio)
CALD4d Calder, Alexander Unidentified (in portfolio)
CALD4e Calder, Alexander Unidentified (in portfolio)
CALD4f Calder, Alexander Unidentified (in portfolio)
CALD4g Calder, Alexander Unidentified (in portfolio)
CALD4h Calder, Alexander Sky Swirl (in portfolio)
CALD4i Calder, Alexander Unidentified (in portfolio)
CALD4j Calder, Alexander Sunburst (in portfolio)
CANA1 Canaletto, Antonio Venice: The Upper Reaches of the Grand Canal
CANA2 Canaletto, Antonio Piazza San Marco
CARA1 Caravaggio Still Life
CASS1 Cassatt, Mary Young Mother Sewing
CASS2 Cassatt, Mary Children Playing on a Beach
CASS3 Cassatt, Mary The Tea
CASS4 Cassatt, Mary The Bath
PA-14A Cassatt, Mary The Boating Party
CAST1 Castaneda, Alfredo Convergences
CAST2 Castaneda, Alfredo The Vocation of Ezekiel
CATL1 Catlin, George The White Cloud, Head Chief of the lowas
PA-06B Catlin, George Catlin Painting the Portrait of Mah-to-toh-pa — Mandan
CEZA1 Cezanne, Paul La Montagne Sainte-Victoire
CEZA2 Cezanne, Paul MontSainte-Victoire
CEZA3 Cezanne, Paul Mardi Gras
CEZA4 Cezanne, Paul Boy in a Red Waistcoat
CEZA5 Cezanne, Paul Still Life
CEZA6 Cezanne, Paul The Blue Vase
CHAG1 Chagall, Marc Village Street (1931)
CHAG2 Chagall, Marc I and the Village
CHAG3 Chagall, Marc (Stained Glass) Homage to Dag Hammarskjold
CHAG4 Chagall, Marc Three Candles
CHAS1 Chase, William Merritt Idle Hours
CHIH1 Chihuly, Dale Seaforms
CHUR1 Church, Frederic Edwin Rainy Season in the Tropics, 1866
CIV01 Civilizations Bison and Horses (Cave Painting)
CIV02 Civilizations A Ruler Dressed as Chac-Vib-Chac (Maya)
CIV03 Civilizations Tlingit Indian Blanket with Bear Design
CIV04 Civilizations Mummy and Coffins of Nesmutaatneru
CIV05 Civilizations The Parthenon
CIV06 Civilizations Chinese statue
CIV07 Civilizations Zodiak Figures
CIV08 Civilizations Seated Lohan, China
CIV09 Civilizations Laila Visiting Her Lover, Majnun, in the Desert (1720), India
CIV10 Civilizations Chinese Dragon Robe
CIV12 Civilizations Taj Mahal
CIV13 Civilizations Winged Victory of Samothrace (Greek)
CIV14 Civilizations Book of the Dead, Egypt
CIV15 Civilizations The Hunt of the Unicorn Tapestry
CIV16 Civilizations Siva and Parvati with their children on Mt. Kailasa (1745), India
CIV17 Civilizations Ionic Column (statue on top of cabinet)
CLOS1 Close, Chuck Self-Portrait
COLE1 Cole, Thomas The Voyage of Life: Childhood 1842
COLE2 Cole, Thomas The Voyage of Life: Old Age 1842
COLE3 Cole, Thomas The Voyage of Life: Manhood 1842
COLE4 Cole, Thomas The Voyage of Life: Youth 1842
PA-05A Cole, Thomas The Oxbow
PA-07A Cole, Thomas Ohio State Capitol
CONR1 Conroy, Stephen Living the Life
CONS1 Constable, John The Hay Wain
PA-02A Copley, John Singleton Paul Revere
CRAB1 Crable, James 2nd Avenue New York, NY
CURR1 Currier & Ives Across the Continent
CURR2 Currier & Ives The American National Game of Baseball
CURR3 Currier & Ives Autumn in New England
CURR4 Currier & Ives A Spill Out on the Snow
DAVIN1 da Vinci, Leonardo Mona Lisa
DAVIN2 da Vinci, Leonardo Ginevra dei Benci
DAVIN3 da Vinci, Leonardo Vitruvian Man
DALI1 Dali, Salvador The Elephants
DALI2 Dali, Salvador Impressions of Africa
DALI3 Dali, Salvador Persistence of Memory
DAVID1 David, Jacques Louis (Detail) Napoleon and Josephine
DAVI1 Davidson, Cameron Spring Fields near Rochester NY
DAVIS1 Davis, Stuart Abstract Vision of NY
DAVIS2 Davis, Stuart Blips and Ifs
DEKO1 De Kooning, William Door to the River
DEKO2 De Kooning, William North Atlantic Light (Untitled18)
DELA1 De La Tour, Georges St. Joseph the Carpenter
DEEM1 Deem, George The School of Athens
DEGA1 Degas, Edgar The Dancing Class
DEGA2 Degas, Edgar Race Horses
DEGA3 Degas, Edgar Ballet Rehearsal (1873-78)
DEGA4 Degas, Edgar On the Stage
DEGA5 Degas, Edgar The Rehearsal
DEGA6 Degas, Edgar The Dance Class
DEMU1 Demuth, Charles Buildings Abstraction, Lancaster
DERA1 Derain, Andre Charing Cross Bridge, London
PA-20A Diebenkorn, Richard Cityscape I
DOVE1 Dove, Arthur Foghorns
DUCF1 Duchamp, Frank Charlene
DUCM1 Duchamp, Marcel Nude Descending Staircase No. 2
DUFY1 Dufy, Raoul Hippodrome Paddock
DUFY2 Dufy, Raoul Barques aux Martigues
DURE1 Durer, Albrecht Rhinoceros (1515)
DURE2 Durer, Albrecht Self Portrait
DURE3 Durer, Albrecht Squirrels
DURE4 Durer, Albrecht Young Hare
EAKI1 Eakins, Thomas Turning the Stake
EAKI2 Eakins, Thomas Baseball Players Practicing
PA-11A Eakins, Thomas John Biglin in a Single Scull
EDDY1 Eddy, Don Dreamreader’s Table III
ELGR1 El Greco View of Toledo
ELME1 Elmer, Edwin Romans Magic Glasses
ESCH1 Escher, M.C. Reptiles (Reptielen)
ESCH2 Escher, M.C. Relativity
ESTE1 Estes, Richard Telephone Booths
ESTE2 Estes, Richard Drugstore
PA-13A Evans, Walker Brooklyn Bridge, New York
EVER1 Evergood, Philip Sunny Side of the Street
FISH1 Fish, Janet Raspberries and Goldfish
FRAN1 Frankenthaler, Helen Interior Landscape
FRAN2 Frankenthaler, Helen Blue Atmosphere
FRAN3 Frankenthaler, Helen Alloy
FRIE1 Friedlander, Lee Canyon De Chelly Arizona
GAIN1 Gainsborough, Thomas Blue Boy
PA-09B Gardner, Alexander Abraham Lincoln
GAUG1 Gauguin, Paul la Orana Maria
GAUG2 Gauguin, Paul Woman with Mango
GAUG3 Gauguin, Paul Haymakings
GAUG4 Gauguin, Paul Tahitian landscape
GLAC1 Glackens, William Lake Bathers #2
GLAS1 Glaser, Milton Cooper Union Poster
GORG1 Gorgoni, Gianfranco Keith Haring, NYC
GORK1 Gorky, Arshile Water of the Flowery Mill
GOYA1 Goya Y Lucientes, Francisco de Le Temps ou les Vieilles (Time of the Old Woman)
GRAU1 Graupe, Pillard Grace Evening 1989
GRAY1 Gray, Todd Shout 2
GREE1 Green, George Principles of Sympathetic Magic “The Feast of Yams”
GROO1 Grooms, Red Fast Break
HALB1 Halbert, Jacques Apple and Lemon
HANS1 Hanson, Duane Football Player
HARI1 Haring, Keith One Yellow Kicker (Pele poster)
HARR1 Harris, Ned Time Study
HARR2 Harris, Ned Apocalypse
HART1 Hartley, Marsden Chanties to the North
HARW1 Hartnet, William My Gems
HASS1 Hassam, Childe Boston Common at Twilight (1885-86)
PA-12B Hassam, Childe Allies Day, May 1917
HASU1 Hasui, Kawase Hinomisaki in Moonlight in Izumo Province
HAYW1 Hayward, Roger Undecidable Monument
HENR1 Henri, Robert Snow in New York (1902)
HERZ1 Herzog, Hermann View of Niagara Falls in Moonlight
HICK1 Hicks, Edward The Cornell Farm (1948)
HICK2 Hicks, Edward The Peaceable Kingdom
HICK3 Hicks, Edward Noah’s Ark  (featured in storybook we have)
HINE1 Hine, Lewis Steamfitter
HIRO1 Hiroshige, Ando A Sudden Shower at Ohashi
HOCK1 Hockney, David Large Interior, Los Angeles
HOCK2 Hockney, David The Blue Guitar No.1
HOFM1 Hofmann, Hans Fall Euphony
HOKU1 Hokusai The Great Wave (2 copies)
HOKU2 Hokusai Horse-Washing Waterfall
HOLL1 Holland, Brad The Metaphysician
HOME1 Homer, Winslow Fog Warning (A Fair Wind)
HOME2 Homer, Winslow Breezing Up (1876)
HOME3 Homer, Winslow Flower Garden & Bungalow, Bermuda (1899)
HOME4 Homer, Winslow Fishing Boats, Key West
HOME5 Homer, Winslow Fishin’
HOME6 Homer, Winslow Bermuda Sloop (1910)
HOME7 Homer, Winslow Salt Kettle, Bermuda
PA-09A Homer, Winslow The Veteran in a New Field
HOPP1 Hopper, Edward Cape Cod Evening
HOPP2 Hopper, Edward Houses of Squam Light
HOPP3 Hopper, Edward Nighthawks
PA-16A Hopper, Edward House by the Railroad
HURD1 Hurd, Peter Eve of St. John (1960)
INGR1 Ingres, Jean Dominique Madame de Sennones
JENK1 Jenkins, Paul Phenomena Royal Violet Visitation
JOHNS1 Johns, Jasper Flag
JOHNS2 Johns, Jasper Three Flags
JOHN1 Johnson, William H. Going to Church
KAHL1 Kahlo, Frida Self-Portrait w/Thorn Necklace & Hummingbird
KAND1 Kandinsky, Wassily Indian Story
KAND2 Kandinsky, Wassily Composition No. 238: Bright Circle
KAND3 Kandinsky, Wassily Improvisation 31 (Sea Battle 1913)
KAND4 Kandinsky, Wassily Squares w/Concentric Circles (Farbstudie Quadrate)
PA-19B Karales, James Selma-to-Montgomery March for Voting Rights
KENS1 Kensett, John F. Among the Rocks of Great Waters at Newport
KLEE1 Klee, Paul Head of a Man
KLEE2 Klee, Paul Flora on the Sand
KLEE3 Klee, Paul Picture Album (Bilderbogen 1937)
KLEE4 Klee, Paul The Goldfish
KLEE5 Klee, Paul Alter Klang
KLEE6 Klee, Paul Cat and Bird
KLIM1 Klimt, Gustav The Kiss
KOHL1 Kohlmeyer, Ida Stacked 87-3D (1987)
KOLL1 Kollwitz, Kathe Sharpening the Scythe
KOST1 Kostabi, Mark & Indrek Prelude to the Pancake Breakfast
PA-18B Lange, Dorothea Migrant Mother
LAWJ1 Lawrence, Jacob Munich Olympic Games
LAWJ2 Lawrence, Jacob The Studio
LAWJ3 Lawrence, Jacob Street to Mbari
PA-17A Lawrence, Jacob The Migration Series, no. 57
LAWR1 Lawrence, Sir Thomas Pinkie
LAWS1 Lawson, Ernest Winter Scene
PA-04A Leutze, Emanuel Washington Crossing the Delaware
LEYS1 Leyster, Judith Self Portrait
LEYS1 Leyster, Judith Self Portrait (Duplicate)
LICH1 Lichtenstein, Roy Blam! (1962)
LICH2 Lichtenstein, Roy Sunshine through the Clouds
LICH3 Lichtenstein, Roy Blonde (from “Brushstroke Figures”)
LOUI1 Louis, Morris Horizontal I
MAGR1 Magritte, Rene The Return
MAGR2 Magritte, Rene Double Vision
MAGR3 Magritte, Rene Time Transfixed (1939)
MANE1 Manet, Edouard The Fifer (1866)
MANT1 Mantegna, Andrea St. George
MARC1 Marc, Franz The Large Blue Horses (1911)
MARI1 Marin, John Circus Elephants (1941)
MARIS1 Marisol Cocktail Party
MART1 Martinez, Jose Esteban I Am Your Mexican Cowboy (1989)
MARX1 Marxer, Donna North Light (1989)
MASK1 Masks, Unknown Iroquis and African masks
MASK2 Masks, Unknown Point Barrow Eskimo Mask
MASK3 Masks, Unknown African masks
MASK4 Masks, Unknown Masks of the World (ID on back)
MASK5 Masks, Unknown Egyptian Burial Mask of King Tut, Eskimo Wooden Dance Mask
MASO1 Mason, Dick Spotted Landscape V (1987)
MATI1 Matisse, Henri The Wine Press (1951) Cut-out
MATI2 Matisse, Henri Woman in the Hat (1905) Fauve
MATI3 Matisse, Henri Sideboard
MATI4 Matisse, Henri Goldfish (1911) (Fauve)
MATI5 Matisse, Henri Purple Robe with Anemones
MATI6 Matisse, Henri Beasts of the Sea (Collage)
MATI6 Matisse, Henri Beasts of the Sea (Collage) DUPLICATE
MATI7 Matisse, Henri The Horse, the Equestrienne & the Clown
MATI8 Matisse, Henri La Négresse
MAYS1 Mays, Maxwell Hope
MERI1 Merida, Carlos Cosmic Eye
METS1 Metsys, Quentin The Moneylender & his Wife (1514)
MICH1 Michelangelo The Pieta
MICH1 Michelangelo The Pieta (Duplicate)
MICH2 Michelangelo The Erythean Sibyl; Sistine Chapel Ceiling (detail)
MICH3 Michelangelo The Delphic Sibyl; Sistine Chapel ceiling
MILL1 Millet, Jean Francois The Angelus (1858)
MIRO1 Miro, Joan People and Dog in the Sun
MIRO2 Miro, Joan Composition (1933)
MIRO3 Miro, Joan The Singing Fish
MIRO4 Miro, Joan Head of a Woman (1938)
MODI1 Modigliani, Amedeo Gypsy Woman with Baby (1919)
MOND1 Mondrian, Piet Composition w/ Red, Yellow & Blue
MOND2 Mondrian, Piet Composition (Blue, Red and Yellow)
MONE01 Monet, Claude Bathers at La Grenouillere (1869)
MONE02 Monet, Claude Water Lilies at Giverny
MONE03 Monet, Claude Water Lilies (1906)
MONE04 Monet, Claude Bassin aux Nympheas (Pond of Waterlilies)
MONE05 Monet, Claude Poplars
MONE06 Monet, Claude Grainstacks at Sunset
MONE07 Monet, Claude Branch of the Siene near Giverny I
MONE08 Monet, Claude Impression, Sunrise
MONE09 Monet, Claude Red Boats Argenteuil (1875)
MONE10 Monet, Claude Parisians Enjoying Parc Monceau (Framed)
MONE11 Monet, Claude Landscape: The Parc Monceau
MOOR1 Moore, Henry Rocking Chair No. 2
MOOR2 Moore, Henry Family Group (study)
MOOR3 Moore, Henry Madonna & Child
MOOR4 Moore, Henry Reclining Mother and Child
MOTH1 Motherwell, Robert Elegy of the Spanish Republic, No. 102
MUNC1 Munch, Edvard The Scream (1893)
MUNC2 Munch, Edvard Women by the Shore
MUNC3 Munch, Edvard Four Girls on the Bridge
NAGY1 Nagy, Krisztina Self-Portrait (1989)
NEVE1 Nevelson, Louise Black Wall
NEVE2 Nevelson, Louise Sky Cathedral: Southern Mountain
NEVE3 Nevelson, Louise Case with Five Balusters
NEVI1 Nevius, Thia Premium Recovery (1989)
NIET1 Nieto, John Kiowa Delegate to Washington -1988
OKEE1 O’Keeffe, Georgia The Brooklyn Bridge (1949)
OKEE2 O’Keeffe, Georgia Purple Petunias
OKEE3 O’Keeffe, Georgia Cow’s Skull w/ Calico Roses (1931)
OKEE4 O’Keeffe, Georgia White Trumpet Flower (1932)
OKEE4 O’Keeffe, Georgia White Trumpet Flower (Duplicate)
OKEE5 O’Keeffe, Georgia Poppy
OLBI1 Olbinski, Rafal Conversation Controlee
OLDE1 Oldenburg, Claes Two Cheeseburgers with Everything
OLDE2 Oldenburg, Claes and van Bruggen, Coosje Spoonbridge and Cherry
OROZ1 Orozco, Jose Clemente Zapatistas (1931)
PAXT1 Paxton, William M. The New Necklace (1910)
PETE1 Peters, Arthur Me, Myself, I Warrior
PICA01 Picasso, Pablo Three Musicians (1921)
PICA02 Picasso, Pablo Grand Tête de Taureau (1958)
PICA03 Picasso, Pablo Girl Before a Mirror (1932)
PICA04 Picasso, Pablo Mother and Child (1921)
PICA05 Picasso, Pablo Grande Tête de Femme au ChapeauOrné(1962)
PICA06 Picasso, Pablo Woman with Yellow Hair (1931)
PICA07 Picasso, Pablo Femme en Blue (1901)
PICA08 Picasso, Pablo Still Life with Biscuits
PICA09 Picasso, Pablo Sylvette (portrait of Mlle. D.)
PICA10 Picasso, Pablo Le Rideau de Scène Parade (Curtain for the play Parade)
PICA11 Picasso, Pablo Guernica (1937)
PICK2 Pickett, Joseph Coryells Ferry, 1776
PIPP1 Pippin, Horace Holy Mountain III
POLL1 Pollock, Jackson Abstract (Untitled)
PA-04B Powers, Hiram Benjamin Franklin
PREN1 Prendergast, Maurice Bathing, Marblehead (1897)
PREN2 Prendergast, Maurice May Day
PA-20B Puryear, Martin Ladder for Booker T. Washington
RABE1 Rabell, Amaldo Roche Like a Thief in the Night (1990)
RAPH1 Raphael The Small Cowper Madonna (duplicate)
RAPH1 Raphael The Small Cowper Madonna (duplicate)
RAPH2 Raphael St. George Fighting with the Dragon
RAPH3 Raphael The School of Athens
RAPH4 Raphael The Small Cowper Madonna (1505)
RAUS1 Rauschenberg, Robert Trophy II (for Teeny & Marcel Duchamp)
RECY1 Recycled Art Prints Various artists, set of 12 (with Teacher’s Guide)
REGO1 Rego, Paula The Policeman’s Daughter (1987)
REMB1 Rembrandt, Van Rijn La Famiglia Religiosa
REMB2 Rembrandt, Van Rijn Self Portrait
REMI1 Remington, Frederic The Fall of the Cowboy
REMI2 Remington, Frederic The Scout
REMI3 Remington, Frederic Dash for the Timber
REMI4 Remington, Frederic The Apache
REMI5 Remington, Frederic Evening on a Canadian Lake
RENO1 Renoir, Pierre Auguste The Washerwomen
RENO2 Renoir, Pierre Auguste Woman with a Parasol and a Small Child on a Sunlit Hillside
RENO3 Renoir, Pierre Auguste Mere et Enfant
RENO4 Renoir, Pierre Auguste Luncheon of the Boating Party
RENO5 Renoir, Pierre Auguste Le Bal A Bougival (1883)
RENO6 Renoir, Pierre Auguste Monet Painting in His Garden at Argenteuil
RICH1 Richards, Albert G. Floral Radiograph of Three Cyclamen Blossoms
RING1 Ringgold, Faith Tar Beach
RING2 Ringgold, Faith Dancing at the Louvre
RIVE1 Rivera, Diego Agrarian Leader Zapata (1931)
ROBE1 Robert, Hubert View of the Grand Gallery of the Louvre (1796)
ROCK01 Rockwell, Norman The Gossips
ROCK02 Rockwell, Norman The Problem We All Live With (1964)
ROCK03 Rockwell, Norman Photo of Norman Rockwell by Leon Kuzmanoff
ROCK04 Rockwell, Norman Shuffleton’s Barbershop
ROCK05 Rockwell, Norman At the Vets (1952)
ROCK06 Rockwell, Norman Freedom from Fear (1943) (duplicate)
ROCK06 Rockwell, Norman Freedom from Fear (1943) (duplicate)
ROCK07 Rockwell, Norman Freedom from Want (1943) (duplicate)
ROCK07 Rockwell, Norman Freedom from Want (1943) (duplicate)
ROCK08 Rockwell, Norman Freedom of Speech (1943) (duplicate)
ROCK08 Rockwell, Norman Freedom of Speech (1943) (duplicate)
ROCK09 Rockwell, Norman Freedom to Worship
ROCK10 Rockwell, Norman April Fool 1943
PA-19A Rockwell, Norman Freedom of Speech, The Saturday Evening Post
RODI1 Rodin, Auguste The Thinker
ROTH1 Rothko, Mark Violet, Black, Orange, Yellow on White and Red
ROTH2 Rothko, Mark #10
ROUA1 Rouault, Georges Profile of a Clown
ROUS1 Rousseau, Henri The Jungle: The Tiger Attacking a Buffalo (duplicate)
ROUS1 Rousseau, Henri The Jungle: The Tiger Attacking a Buffalo (duplicate)
ROUS2 Rousseau, Henri The Snake Charmer
ROUS3 Rousseau, Henri Sleeping Gypsy
RUBE1 Rubens, Peter Paul Lion (1614)
RUGO1 Rugolo, Joseph Mural of Sports
PA-10A Saint-Gaudens, Augustus Robert Shaw Memorial
PA-12A Sargent, John Singer Elizabeth Winthrop Chanler
SASS1 Sassano, Rosanne Spring on Broadway (1985)
SCHO1 Scholder, Fritz Indian Portrait w/ Tomahawk (1975)
SCHO2 Scholder, Fritz Possession with Green Face (1989)
SEUR1 Seurat, Georges Circus Sideshow
SEUR2 Seurat, Georges Bathing Place at Asnieres (1884)
SEUR3 Seurat, Georges Seine at the Grande Jatte (1988)
SEUR4 Seurat, Georges Sunday on La Grande Jatte (1884-86)
SEUR5 Seurat, Georges Le Cirque (The Circus) (1890-91)
SHAR1 Sharaku, Toshusai Theater Director Miyako-Dennai III
SHEE1 Sheeler, Charles Interior (1926)
PA-15A Sheeler, Charles American Landscape
SIEG1 Siegal, Alan Woman Eating Plums No. 6 (1986)
SLAT1 Slattery, Chad The Corkscrew (1989)
SLOA1 Sloan, John The City from Greenwich Village (1922)
STEE1 Steen, Jan The Feast of St. Nicholas (1660)
STEI1 Steichen, Edward The Flat Iron (1941)
STEL1 Stella, Frank Sinjerli Variation 1 (protractor series)
PA-14B Stella, Joseph Brooklyn Bridge
STIE1 Stieglitz, Alfred Spring Showers (1900)
STUA1 Stuart, Gilbert George Washington, 1796
PA-03B Stuart, Gilbert George Washington
SULL1 Sully, Thomas The Torn Hat
TAIT1 Tait, Agnes Skating in Central Park
TANG1 Tanguy, Yves Mirage le Temps (The Mirage of Time) (1954)
TANN1 Tanner, Henry The Banjo Lesson
THIE1 Thiebaud, Wayne Cakes (1963)
THIE2 Thiebaud, Wayne Pie Counter (1963)
TIFF1 Tiffany, Louis Comfort Magnolia & Irises (1905)
PA-13B Tiffany, Louis Comfort Autumn Landscape – The River of Life
TJAT1 Tjatangati, Brogus Dreamings
TOML1 Tomlin, Bradley Walker Number 2-1950
TOUL1 Toulouse-Lautrec, Henri Divan Japonaise (1892) (Duplicate)
TOUL1 Toulouse-Lautrec, Henri Divan Japonaise (1892) (Duplicate)
TOUL3 Toulouse-Lautrec, Henri Moulin Rouge
TURN1 Turner, Joseph The Fighting Temeraire
UHLF1 Uhlfelder, Eric New Residential Complex, Paris
PA-15B Van Alen, William Chrysler Building
VANE1 Van Eyck, Jan The Arnolfini Marriage (1434)
VANG01 Van Gogh, Vincent Still-Life with Bottle, Lemons and Oranges
VANG02 Van Gogh, Vincent The Night Café
VANG03 Van Gogh, Vincent Arles, View from the Wheat Fields
VANG04 Van Gogh, Vincent Self-Portrait (1889)
VANG05 Van Gogh, Vincent Portrait of a Young Man (Armand-Roulin)
VANG06 Van Gogh, Vincent The Man with the Cut Ear (Self-Portrait with Bandaged Ear)
VANG07 Van Gogh, Vincent The Harvest
VANG08 Van Gogh, Vincent Iris (1889)
VANG09 Van Gogh, Vincent The Riverbank, La Grenouillére
VANG10 Van Gogh, Vincent Self- Portrait (1887)
VANG11 Van Gogh, Vincent Olive Orchard (1889)
VANG12 Van Gogh, Vincent Haystacks in Provence (1888)
VANG13 Van Gogh, Vincent The Potato-Eaters (1885)
VANG14 Van Gogh, Vincent Portrait of Dr. Gachet (1890)
VANG15 Van Gogh, Vincent The Starry Night (Duplicate)
VANG15 Van Gogh, Vincent The Starry Night (Duplicate)
PA-01A Various Artists/Misc. Pottery and Baskets
PA-01B Various Artists/Misc. Mission Concepción, San Antonio, Texas
PA-02B Various Artists/Misc. Silver of the 18th, 19th and 20th Centuries
PA-10B Various Artists/Misc. Quilts
VASA1 Vasarely, Victor Tridem-K
VASA2 Vasarely, Victor Zebegen
VASA3 Vasarely, Victor Vega-Nor (1969)
VELA1 Velasquez, Diego Prince Balthazar Carlos on his Pony
VELA2 Velasquez, Diego L’Infante Marie-Margruerite
VERM1 Vermeer, Jan The Milkmaid
VERM2 Vermeer, Jan The Lace Maker
VERM3 Vermeer, Jan The Little Street
VERM4 Vermeer, Jan The Concert
VERM5 Vermeer, Jan Young Woman with a Water Jug
VERM6 Vermeer, Jan The Artist in his Studio
VERM7 Vermeer, Jan Woman in Blue
VERO1 Verona, Paul Cancun II (1985)
VIGE1 Vigee-Lebrun, Elisabeth-Louise Self-Portrait in a Straw Hat
WARH1 Warhol, Andy Marilyn Monroe
WARH2 Warhol, Andy Campbell’s Soup (Tomato)
WARH3 Warhol, Andy Campbell’s Soup Series II, Old Fashioned Vegetable, 1968
WARH4 Warhol, Andy Self Portrait
WARH5 Warhol, Andy Shot Blue Marilyn
WARH6 Warhol, Andy Campbell’s Soup Can (Tomato), 1965
WHIS1 Whistler, James Abbot McNeill Arrangement in Grey & Black I (or, The Artist’s Mother)
PA-11B Whistler, James Abbot McNeill The Peacock Room
WOOD1 Wood, Grant American Gothic (1930)
WOOD2 Wood, Grant Stone City, Iowa (1930)
WOOD3 Wood, Grant Return from Bohemia
PA-03A Wood, Grant The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere
WRIG1 Wright, Frank Llyod Triptych Window from a Niche in the Avery Coonley Playhouse
PA-16B Wright, Frank Lloyd Fallingwater
WYET1 Wyeth, Andrew Braids (1979)
WYET2 Wyeth, Andrew Christina’s World (1948)
PA-05B Wyeth, N.C. Cover Illustration for The Last of the Mohicans