Kindergarten Curriculum

The attached document details the DRAFT 2012-2013 Kindergarten Art Master’s curriculum.  The curriculum focuses on developing skills such as drawing a basic person, cutting, pasting, and using shapes to form pictures.

Topic – Potraits and sasic figure drawing using Mat Man technique
Prints – Thomas Gainsborough – Blue Boy (Gain1), Sir Thomas Lawrence – Pinkie      (Lawr1)
Lesson Plan – Kindergarten Curriculum – Portraits

Topic – Thanksgiving scene and continue figure drawing with Mat Mat
Prints – Norman Rockwell – Freedom From Want (Rock7), Norman Rockwell – At the Vets (Rock5)
Lesson Plan – Kindergarten Curriculum – RockwellThanksgiving Table Image

No lesson – short month

Topic – Maxwell Mays and pasting shapes to make a winter scene
Prints – Maxwell Mays – Hope (Mays1)
Lesson Plan – Kindergarten Curriculum – Maxwell Mays

Topic – Pointillism project to be used for Arts Night Class Project
Prints – Georges Seurat – Sunday on La Grande Jatte (Seur3)
Lesson Plan – Kindergarten Curriculum – George Seurat,
Seurat Coloring Image for Art Masters

Topic – Naturalist paintings and creating wild birds using cut out shapes
Prints – John James Audubon – Carlolina Parakeets (Aud2) John James Audubon – American Goldfinch (Aud5) John James Audubon – Songbirds of America (Aud3)
Lesson Plan – Audubon for Kindergarten Curriculum

Topic – Inspiration from Peaceable Kingdom painting and making animal puppets
Prints -Edward Hicks – The Peaceable Kingdom (Hick2), Horace Pippin – Holy Mountain III (Pipp1)
Lesson Plan – Edward Hick’s Peaceable Kingdom

Topic – Warm & cool colors and painting a large flower
Prints – Georgia O’Keefe – Purple Petunias (Okee2) Georgia O’Keefe – Poppy (Okee5)
Lesson Plan – TBD

June – hold for makeup class, if needed