Supplies List

Art Masters Supplies

The following supplies are at your disposal to use for Art Masters classroom projects.  We encourage you to use them! If you notice supplies are running low, please notify one of the co-chairs so that they can be replenished.  Just a reminder, if you wish to purchase supplies on your own, please get pre-approval or you will not be reimbursed.  Donations are always welcome!



Glue sticks Storage room
Liquid glue Storage room
Rubber cement Print cabinet
Tape, masking C Storage room
Tape, packing Filing cabinet
Tape, painters C Storage room
Tape, transparent Storage room
Administrative Supplies  
Aprons Filing cabinet
Art Masters self-inking stamps Filing cabinet
Binder clips, jumbo Filing cabinet
Clips, large magnetic Print storage cabinet
Expandable files Filing cabinet
Transparency film, ink jet only Filing cabinet
Arts Night Supplies  
Cardstock with pen attached (backing for bid sheets) Box in storage room
Cash aprons Box in storage room
Clipboards*** Box in storage room
Frames, magnetic acrylic Box in storage room
Labels, round (for baked goods contest) Box in storage room
Lunch bags Box in storage room
Medals Box in storage room
Signs for acrylic frames Box in storage room
Tags for lunch bags Box in storage room
Treat bags Box in storage room
Collage and Assemblage  
Beads Storage room (collage & assemblage box)
Chenille sticks (pipe cleaners) Storage room (collage & assemblage box)
Elastic for mask making Storage room (collage & assemblage box)
Fabric Storage room (collage & assemblage box)
Foam shapes Storage room (collage & assemblage box)
Foil Storage room (collage & assemblage box)
“Found” objects Storage room (collage & assemblage box)
Glass beads Print storage cabinet
Googly eyes Storage room (collage & assemblage box)
Lace Storage room (collage & assemblage box)
Mosaic foam tiles Print storage cabinet
Mosaic paper tiles Storage room
Mosaic tiles Print storage cabinet
Pebbles Print storage cabinet
Pom-poms Storage room (collage & assemblage box)
Ribbon Storage room (collage & assemblage box)
Sea glass Print storage cabinet
Wire Storage room (collage & assemblage box)
Drawing and Illustration
Chalk, assorted Storage room
Crayons, assorted Storage room
Dry erase markers Filing cabinet
Highlighters Filing cabinet
Markers, assorted Filing cabinet
Oil pastels Filing cabinet
Pencils Print storage cabinet
Pencils, colored, assorted Filing cabinet
Sharpies, black only, fine point and ultra fine point Filing cabinet
Sharpies, fine point, assorted Filing cabinet
Sharpies, metallic Filing cabinet
Sharpies, ultra fine point, assorted Filing cabinet
Stick pens, black Filing cabinet
Artist’s portfolios Print storage cabinet
Binder clips, 2 inch Filing cabinet
Box lids (Abstract Expressionism lesson) Storage room
Cotton swabs Filing cabinet
Craft (popsicle) sticks Storage room
Drop cloths Filing cabinet and print storage cabinet
Dusting wipes Print storage cabinet
Full size easels (2) Print cabinet
Model Magic air-dry clay, neutrals Storage room
Scissors Storage room
Sponges Print storage cabinet
Stamps, foam Storage room
Stencils (flowers, fish, horses, dinosaurs) Print storage cabinet
Towels Print storage cabinet
Brushes, bristle and foam Storage room
Gel medium Storage room
Jug (for water) Storage room
Paint, acrylic Storage room
Paint, tempera Storage room
Paint, watercolor sets Storage room
Pencils with new erasers for Pointillism Storage room
Brown craft paper, roll, 48-inches wide* Storage room
Card stock, assorted (8.5 x 11) Filing cabinet
Construction paper, assorted (9 x 12) Filing cabinet
Copier paper, white (8.5 x 11) Filing cabinet
Drawing paper, white (12 x 18) Filing cabinet
Drawing paper, white (9 x 12) Filing cabinet
Graph paper Storage room
Mixed media paper, white for paint (9 x 12, 7 x 10)) Filing cabinet
Newsprint pad, large Print storage cabinet
Paper samples** Storage room
Scrapbook paper Storage room
Tracing paper Storage room
Watercolor pads (9 x 12) Print storage cabinet
Sorting, Storage and Disposables  
Bowls Storage room
Crates Top of print storage cabinet
Paper napkins Print storage cabinet
Plastic bags Storage room
Plastic containers Storage room
Plastic cups Storage room
Portion cups and lids, 2 ounce Storage room
Styrofoam plates Storage room
Teaching Aids  
Campbell’s Tomato Soup can (Andy Warhol) Filing cabinet
Paint on canvas (examples of pencil, paint, Sharpie) Print storage cabinet